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Synonyms for tympanist

a person who plays the kettledrums


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They are simply taken at a brisk tempo for the most part, with a good deal of gusto from the tympanist playing the "Jupiter.
There are problems when string players from Bethlehem or the tympanist from Nablus are held up at checkpoints, but they do their best.
There was fine playing throughout the orchestra, although the contribution of the horns deserves special mention, as does the tympanist, Marney O'Sullivan.
Hence the unique effect where the tympanist places coins between the knuckles to simulate the quiet throb of a liner's engines, while the clarinet plays a wistful quotation from Mendelssohn's Calm Sea and a Prosperous Voyage.
11) It was only when returning home in a taxi with his wife, accompanied by Fassett, that Bartok reportedly explained: '"The tympanist," he said, "the tympanist is the one who started everything.