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Cette derniere est juste un processus physique, a travers lequel, des sons entrent dans le tympan de l'oreille, et ainsi les messages passent au cerveau.
Favreau, "Note complementaire a propos d'une inscription du tympan de la cathedrale de Jaca (Aragon)", Academie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres.
Le tympan de saint Denis, abbaye royale de France, est arrache au genie, vers le milieu du XIXe siecle, par un sculpteur qui 'modernise' le tympan des rois, auquel il ajoute sereinement son nom: Brun.
Voir aussi les compositions en tympan qui commentent divers textes de Valery sur le regard dans le travail de Bourjea, pp.
13) If a daughter remained at home, she could help with domestic chores as well as perform such simple duties in the atelier as hanging up freshly punted sheets for drying or removing paper from the tympan.
Le tympan de Conques, Paris, Le Sycomore, 1984, pp.
1 There are, of course, one or two notable exceptions such as the Lolo site (Danau Gadang) in Kerinci where Song period stonewares were found in association with bronze materials (including a fragment of a tympan of a nekara), obsidian flakes and locally made earthenware.
In stanza 5, the king, passing through a remote village at night, finds a tympan, an ancient Celtic lute played by plucking the strings or, as the king calls Taking the tympan into the woods, the king consoles his restless spirit by singing to its accompaniment.
14) Certain details are clear, however: the box containing the type and the paper that is to be printed on appears to be covered by a tympan, which is attached by means of straps, and the presence of a tympan is confirmed by the primitive gallows on which it would
Langer-Mascle est egalement desarconne devant cette musique petaradante : << Ce Shong-Hi [hautbois] wms a des notes cornantes et farouches a vous crever le tympan.
For example in Chapter 6--"Covering the Tympan and the Frisket"--this activity is broken down into discrete steps, and specific instructions are extracted from the various source manuals and presented in chronological order of their publication.
Les sons captes par l'oreille externe entrainent des vibrations du tympan qui, dans l'oreille moyenne, sont transmises a l'oreille interne par l'intermediaire des osselets.
The press included an automatic tympan that opened and closed with the movement of the cylinder.
143-161; FAVREAU, Robert, "Les inscriptions du tympan de la cathedrale de Jaca", en Academie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres.