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the act of tying or binding things together

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Concerns were expressed over eroding credit quality, taxpayers who would have to bail out failing banks and the general evils of tying arrangements.
Three professional grade cordless tiers provide a well-rounded solution for most rebar tying applications.
Wire and tying is a considerable cost of operations, most manufacturers agree, so it should not be overlooked.
But ``The Fly Tier's Benchside Reference'' gathers together in one volume more than 400 tying methods illustrated with over 3,000 color photographs, so the price per method and per photo is pretty reasonable.
His flies transcend the line between fly tying and fine art.
The June graduate of Sherman Oaks Notre Dame High, who will play next season for College of the Canyons, earned his berth in the centennial Amateur championship by tying USC freshman John Ray Leary for medalist at 6-under-par 136 in qualifying at Hillcrest Country Club.
After Tryba yanked his approach shot onto an embankment, practically killing his chance for a tying birdie, Woods pushed a 5-iron from 179 yards into the crowd to the right of the green and watched the ball carom into a beer tent.
As he constantly rediscovers his tying method, the dividing line between art and craft begins to blur.
It gives details on the history of neckwear, with tips on tying, hanging and caring for ties.
A year after starting the project, with no previous experience at video production to guide him, Rutledge came up with ``Buzzy & Charlie Tying Flies with the Fish Guy.
Twist-ties are a mainstay in the kitchen for tying up that chip, bread, veggie and trash bag.
We use them to quickly attach everything; they replace line and marlin and eliminate the needed skill of knot tying.
Antitrust law has long condemned tying arrangements when they are imposed by a single dominant firm.
When it comes to using balers other than two-rams to process the material, Jable recommends compacting plastics using the baler's ram and then backing off the ram to allow some of the memory to come back before tying the bale off.