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  • noun

Synonyms for twosome

two persons united, as by marriage

two items of the same kind together

Synonyms for twosome

a pair who associate with one another

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Ediya is seeking to catch up with Twosome, by achieving the goal of 1 trillion won annual sales, as it overtook The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and Angel-in-us Coffee.
As a result, the number of Twosome Place and Cold Stone Creamery branches is increasing.
I was so happy to see a lesbian X twosome on TV, and they can cook.
If you squeeze in a few rounds of twosome time with each pal, things with your crew might get back to normal.
In line with the Aristotelian Islamic philosophers, al-Sijzi seems in fact to admit that mathematical knowledge, like any other knowledge, may be characterised by the twosome "conception/judgment" (tasawwur/tasdiq); whereas in mathematics this twosome is confined to that of "conception/demonstration", in that here judgment is considered but a demonstrative syllogism.
And the tidy twosome are also down to the final 10 of men's magazine FHM's High Street Honey 2005.
Denmark Wheeler and his trophy wife, Sierra, are a dynamic twosome who seem to have it all--a loving and secure marriage; an impassioned love for each other; financial security and a healthy sex life.
and his colleagues calculate that the white dwarf twosome, dubbed RX J0806.
Prior to that indelible moment, the twosome offered stunning Moves--both on and above ground.
The Wrong Trousers twosome star alongside the new utility vehicle in adverts to be screened before children's features in cinemas across the country.
Still, the twosome solve a lot of crimes, and the chemistry between Pullman's over-the-top zaniness and Stiller's'restrained drollness works pretty well in this offbeat buddy film.
IG have extended their dynamic duo scorers index to a World Cup gruesome twosome.
You only had to wonder how he restrained himself from denouncing teens and booze as the most terrifying twosome since Frankenstein met the Wolf Man.
Now the prolific twosome have taken their idyllic universe transcontinental with their first U.
A visit to a show organized by the twosome was an instant entree to a world in which cool Conceptualism, an overheated market, and French theory in overdrive shared the same bed; for artists, being tapped by the curatorial duo meant that suddenly one's work was part of the discourse.