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having a life cycle lasting two seasons


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If rates go up, the debt issuer pockets the premium on this call option, effectively lowering funding costs for the first two-year borrowing period.
The chair of the Two-Year College Committee attended the meetings of the Long Range Planning Committee and the regular meetings of the Council and helped with Discovery Fair.
Next comes the question of whether the mode of instruction will be on-campus, either full-time or part-time, or "executive." Traditional full-time, on-campus instruction for the two-year periods described above is difficult for most midcareer clinicians to consider.
In a statement issued by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) on Friday, the body had in 2016 decided to phase out the old two-year bachelor degrees - equivalent to 14 years of education, and the two-year master's degrees.
40, from Edinburgh - 300 hours of unpaid community work and two-year football bans.
Kevin's advisors were adamant they wanted a straight two-year contract and, as that was the sticking point, I have no problem with the outcome."
Figures compiled by personal finance website MoneyFacts show the average rate for a two-year loan has hit 6.64per cent, up from 4.34per cent two years ago.
WASHINGTON -- Minorities are increasingly gravitating toward two-year colleges, according to a new federal report.
On two-year fixes, Bradford & Bingley's 4.99 per cent loan from pounds 25,000 to pounds 2 million is tempting as economic skies darken.
It s a lesson Thornton has confirmed on the job at HCC, one of the fastest-growing two-year schools in the Northeast.
In late December 2005, President Bush signed into law a two-year extension of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act of 2002 (TRIA), which had been set to expire at the end of the year.
"After the expiration of the two-year period beginning upon the effective date of this section, no State may require the approval, establishment or prior review of any rate charged for an insurance policy by an insurer," the bill says.
The Tax Court recently held that the two-year statute of limitations (SOL) on requesting innocent spouse relief did not apply when the IRS failed to provide the spouse with adequate notice of the right to claim such relief.
There is however, a discount offer for the second year in a two-year deal.