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two of three equal parts of a divisible whole

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The CS partly blame women leaders for failing to implement the two-third gender rule.
The Constitution says that not more than two-thirds of the members of elective public bodies shall be of the same gender.
For lunch, she said she probably wouldn't have ordered a two-thirds pint, which would contain 378.
After the death of a pope, all cardinals under the age of 80 who are healthy enough to attend must assemble in the Vatican's Sistine Chapel to elect a new pontiff with at least a two-thirds majority.
Two-thirds of people organise finances online and 30% access sites such as Bebo, MySpace and Face book to keep up with friends.
But their real power comes when two-thirds votes are required -- and that is primarily for the budget, tax increases or constitutional amendments.
A two-thirds majority in each of the three Church of England synod houses--bishops, clergy and laity--needs to approve the changes to legal structures.
Two-thirds of those builders who reported using incentives are including optional items at no cost, a third are absorbing financing points, and two-thirds are paying closing costs or fees to bolster sales.
Two-thirds of Americans, if a new survey is to be believed, agree with President Bush's call to teach Intelligent Design in schools alongside evolutionary theory.
From warning against common myths such as "Running and strenuous aerobic exercise are the best way to lose weight" (in fact, walking and moderate exercises burn fat during the first two-thirds of the workout, while strenuous exercises burn carbohydrates during the first two-thirds of the workout and fat during the last one-third), to the severe health dangers of low-carb diets, to why one should weigh oneself weekly instead of daily (there is often a "plateu" period where weight gain levels off--and it's unwise to trigger either the urge to celebrate with daily decreases, or the depressive tendency to give up if one's weight doesn't immediately decrease).
OTTAWA -- Two-thirds of people with Bipolar I Disorder are able to hold down a job, particularly if they have help with the practicalities of living, such as meal preparation or getting to doctor's appointments says a new study published in "How Healthy are Canadians?
Congress can override a veto by a two-thirds vote of each house.
On the other hand, two-thirds of those who opted for the female condom and up to one-third of those who selected spermicides reported a low level of satisfaction, and the majority of these women did not give their method a second try.
Each house of the state legislature passed the mammoth tax increase by a two-thirds vote, thereby supposedly averting a constitutional crisis.
New findings add to the evidence that two-thirds of this matter resides not in galaxies but in warm gas clouds that surround them.