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two of three equal parts of a divisible whole

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No issue in Kenya has drawn more divergent and impassioned views on its definition and implementation as the two-thirds gender rule.
Johari's optimism was taken up by both PAS and Barisan Nasional (BN) with Tuan Ibrahim and Ahmad Maslan, saying they would back the government with the necessary two-thirds majority in Parliament on this matter.
Does this incident reflect women's empowerment or subordination?This brings me to my first reason why the two-thirds rule should not generate so much acrimony.
Under Article 239 (4), 'A bill to amend the Constitution which would have the effect of altering the limits of a province shall not be presented to the President for assent unless it has been passed by the Provincial Assembly of that province by the votes of not less than two-thirds of its total membership.'.
With the three-tier elections were held simultaneously within a short duration, the Communist parties of Nepal garnered a two-thirds majority and appointed K P Sharma Oli as the first Prime Minister of federal Nepal.
* Surveys are a popular way to determine whether custom-ers are getting what they want and identify areas for improvement, yet two-thirds of agencies say they do not regularly conduct satisfaction surveys.
With the proposal's failure to garner the two-thirds majority vote needed for adoption, there will be no change in the structure of the Board or its Officers going forward.
'We will never give the two-thirds of votes needed to change that,' he said.
Critics said they feared Orban will use his third consecutive term and the Fidesz party's two-thirds control of Hungary's national legislature to intensify his attacks on migration and to strengthen his command of the country's centralized power structure.
Whether the government is intended to please the Indians by amending the constitution or there are other agendas to fulfill while securing two-thirds majority, the government has not made clear.
Nepal's Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli won a vote of confidence by a two-thirds majority yesterday during a floor test in parliament.
Michel Aoun is expected to be elected as Lebanon's 13th president Monday with more than two-thirds of votes during Parliament's 46th attempt to fill the country's top post.
Abe said in January the LDP wanted to win a combined two-thirds majority with Komeito and like-minded opposition parties at the July election to enable him to revise the constitution, although he has said in recent weeks that it is premature to discuss a constitutional revision as an election issue.
Conservative talk radio host Dan Patrick had made a campaign issue out of attacks on an almost 70-year-old custom requiring two-thirds of the 31 senators to approve before bringing any bill to the floor for debate - a rule that, until then, members of a chamber that prides itself on gentility had seldom questioned.