two-piece suit

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a business suit consisting of a matching jacket and skirt or trousers

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At William Lee, Manotoc said a two-piece suit starts at P29,000.
Black top, $75 for two-piece suit, Esther Williams.
At her Old Bailey trial Ellis wore a black two-piece suit and white blouse, her hair re-dyed platinum blonde and she came across as cold and disengaged.
Pricing starts for suits at $560 and Riley says the average cost of a two-piece suit is $780 to $950, while a three-piece is around $1,200 to $1,300.
There would also be a pink two-piece suit and a wine-red jacket worn with a black trilby, after one of which changes he joked that "my dressing room's under two foot of water back there.
A two-piece suit made from wool by the Italian company Canonico runs for US$660, while those using Loro Piana and Zegna fabrics cost US$887 and $US1,115 respectively.
He entered the central gate right after a man dressed in two-piece suit.
in the two-piece suit and fine heels who looks at me, then at her.
Lady Thatcher looked cheerful and relaxed, resplendent in a gold and champagne-co loured two-piece suit which she wore on her 50th wedding anniversary to the late Sir Denis Thatcher in 2001.
Two-piece suit with unfinished edges from Sinha-Stanic has asymmetrical draped jacket and short skirt with asymmetrical gathered detail.
5) Underbrush's 3-1) Leafy Bugmuster is a two-piece suit that keeps biting insects from feasting on your flesh.
She was wearing the same blue two-piece suit as last year, though having shed two stone since then, it didn't fit too well.
While Alison chose a tasteful two-piece suit in classic cream, it was made of RUBBER and her hair was dyed bright red
She uses Gloria Vanderbilt's new modest two-piece suit as an example, describing it as having a '40s-inspired silhouette with a halter neckline and a tie in the front, a '70s black-and-white floral design and a jerseylike fabric.