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supported by both sides

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It's not difficult to understand the allure of a two-party system.
The two-party system is often criticized for being outdated, overlooking alternative opinions and thus under-representing big chunks of the American population.
'By these various reforms, we are hoping to develop a strong two-party system to compete in our electoral processes.
'The study of this Consultative Committee is that at this stage of our political development, it is best to have a two-party political system,' the former chief magistrate told reporters.
From the early 1980s, significant minor parties began to emerge which changed the political landscape, putting the two-party system under threat.
Write-in votes for John Manimas will show voter opposition to the two-party experiment and a mandate to return to a multi-party system and a truly democratic election process."
The two-party system serves American democracy better than any other method of election.
"Two-party politics is dying on its feet but they have not realised it."
No third party has ever won the presidency since the two-party system took hold.
The Tyranny of the Two-Party System, by Lisa Jane Disch, New York: Columbia University Press, 194 pages, $45/$19.50 paper
Osmo Soininvaara, the chairman of the Finnish green party, has said that Ollila's proposal for a two-party system is not viable and also expresses contempt for democracy.
Disenfranchised groups can make a huge difference by ending our support of the status-quo, two-party system that disenfranchises us and the candidates who betray us.
The claim of the "reforming" project, then, is that twentieth-century Protestant experience in the United States was actually not divided in this way and, therefore, that historians and others who employ the two-party rubric distort the past, oversimplify the present, and constrict the future of American religious life.
Despite a two-party check system, he said, many tenants are still able to cash them without the actual owner's signature.
The broad logic of the Chief Justice's majority opinion was a major setback to challenging the entrenched two-party system, and a kick in the teeth to the First Amendment's guarantee of free association.