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Synonyms for two-fold

having more than one decidedly dissimilar aspects or qualities

twice as great or many

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'This will also be in accordance with the two-fold theme of Eidul Azha celebrations'.
"Also commodity prices may increase two-fold," he said.In the survey, at least 75 per cent of the respondents expressed their dissatisfaction in the manner in which the government was handling corruption while 71 per cent said they were not satisfied in government's efforts to create job opportunities.
New Delhi [India], Nov 9 ( ANI ): In a bid to provide relief to farmers, the Centre announced a two-fold increase in the import duty levied on wheat, thereby assisting reduction of cheap shipments and providing positive price signal in the ongoing Rabi season.
(Actually, we believe in the NYC that the drug problem is two-fold. One side is addressed by the Philippine National Police, the other is addressed by the joint efforts of the NYC, DOH and the DSWD.)
The average effective excise duty rate on cigarettes in Bulgaria went up 4.6-fold in the period 2005 - 2013, causing average cigarette prices to rise 3.3-fold from end-2004 until present, according to an analysis of Industry Watch of the tobacco market in the country.At the same time, the state registered a mere 7% increase in receipts, despite the two-fold increase in excise rates during the period, due to the 45% decrease in the volume of taxed cigarettes on sale, according to the report.According to Industry Watch, the introduction of the smoking ban in enclosed public places in Bulgaria resulted in a 3-4% decrease in sales of cigarettes, but the long-term impact of the measure cannot be estimated yet, reports.
As a result of the excise tax hike, the average difference between low-price and high-price cigarettes shrank nearly two-fold, from nearly BGN 4 in 2008 to around BGN 2 in 2012, making expensive cigarettes more attractive to smokers.
The reason for the publication change is two-fold. Moving to three issues per year will enable CEA to reduce publication expenses in a challenging economic environment.
Summary: Krasnoyarsk, Jumada II 26, 1432, May 29, 2011, SPA -- The area consumed by wildfire in Russia&'s Siberian regions has decreased more than two-fold over the past 24 hours, a spokesman for the regional emergencies centre told Itar-Tass on Sunday.
New Delhi, May 13 -- While the parent Hero group has recently split from the joint venture with Honda from Japan, its auto component maker Munjal Auto has posted impressive numbers with over two-fold jump in its net profit to Rs 10.71 crore for the quarter ended March 31, 2011 as compared to the same period previous fiscal.
In 30 years, these figures reached 4.3 billion USD and 4.5 billion USD respectively, which means a two-fold rise in exports and 90-fold rise in imports
The automaker sold 321 units last month, an increase by around two-fold over the year-ago period.
A migraine headache accompanied by aura, a visual and/or sensory disturbance before or during the headache, is associated with a two-fold risk of stroke, according to a study published in the online edition of the Oct.
Drake's EST Eqwader Wading System is a three-layer breathable wader to offer a two-fold benefit: 1) this breathable wader is cool in warm weather and prevents overheating, especially during periods of high activity, and 2) prevents the build-up of moisture vapor, which causes chilling and shivering in cold weather.
Summary: ABU DHABI u The 2010 Zayed Future Energy Prize has received a significant two-fold increase in international interest, a Press release said.