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Synonyms for two-fisted

indulging in drink to an excessive degree


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These two substantial new works are filled from cover to cover with Spillane's muscular prose and the gorgeous women and two-fisted action the author was famous for, topped off by an introduction from Max Allan Collins describing the history of these lost manuscripts and his long relationship with the writer who was his mentor, his hero, and for much of the last century the bestselling author in the world.
Critique: Connoisseurs of hard-boiled detective fiction have a two-fisted surprise in store!
An inswinging free-kick from the former Southampton attacker then brought a two-fisted save from Sociedad keeper Tono Ramirez, who wasn't taking any chances even though the ball was fired straight at him.
To fill the void, I just call them "crossovers" or "2Fistol" (for a two-fisted pistol).
The station packs a two-fisted punch, utilizing digital multi-streaming to bring both CBS and Fox programming into the market.
It is just not macho, and I suppose that is it, the John Wayne factor; the two-fisted Duke would never have resorted to anything so low down as a bite or a spit, or cheating by feigning being shot or punched when he hadn't been touched.
He dominated the final round, firing off two-fisted combinations and barely taking a punch in reply.
It is all pretty predictable stuff, but Trejo cuts a suitably mean-and-moody two-fisted figure and his mano-a-mano fights with hulking Euro villain Kruger (Voges) give the film a brutal edge.
Lenny used to be an old-school cop who favoured a hard-drinking, two-fisted approach to crime fighting.
With a pulpy scenario hand-tooled for filming in any anonymous foreign clime, and Christian Slater in the sort of two-fisted lead role that once provided steady employment for the likes of Chuck Norris and Michael Dudikoff, "Soldiers of Fortune" resembles nothing so much as the formulaic '80s action fare once churned out by Cannon Films for fast international playoff.
Marshall charged at his opponent and scored with repeated two-fisted attacks that had his army of fans on their feet, though Hall fought back well.
Jake won the world middleweight title 60 years ago with a furious, two-fisted style that turned him into an American icon.
He was a concerned, engaged, forthright man, never diffident or aloof, often wrong, but always moving forward, making a two-fisted attack on life, unafraid of its abrasions to the end.
One of the first to sock the Fuhrer was Daredevil--not Marvel's horned character of the same name who appeared in the 1960s, but a tough-talking, two-fisted muscleman determined to beat the Axis with his bare hands if necessary.
He loses it and gives them both a taste of two-fisted fury.