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Synonyms for two-dimensional

involving two dimensions


lacking the expected range or depth

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Stereo learning offers a course of real computer programming, in which the two-dimensional grid serves as an output and input device.
2, 3, 4 and 5 show the two-dimensional nucleation growth hillocks on the (100) face of borax crystals.
Things now start getting a little tricky, especially since this is a written article and so I can only show you pictures on two-dimensional paper.
The MicroMegas (MicroMesh Gaseous Structure) detector concept developed at the European laboratory, CERN [3], is used to convert charged particles to an electron shower that is subsequently detected on one-dimensional wire strip arrays or on two-dimensional pixels.
For example, two-dimensional gel electrophoresis and MS/MS are being used for global protein separation and protein identification.
of Exton, Pennsylvania, has introduced a fully integrated two-dimensional bar code and smart card reader with biometric verification capabilities.
What the work also reveals is the extent to which the two-dimensional image has replaced, for some architects and critics, the making of building as the ultimate act of architecture.
Imagery involves the capture and display of a two-dimensional picture.
During a lesson on drawing the proportions of the face, several students asked if they could represent themselves in a three-dimensional rather than a two-dimensional portrait.
Along with a great number of Cocteau's drawings, the recent exhibition presented photographs, film stills, lithographs, ceramics, and illustrated books, offering the chance to see the range of approaches in his two-dimensional work.
It is populated by two-dimensional drawn figures cut out of thick paper.
For instance, a fiat, two-dimensional photo records light reflecting off an apple from one angle--the front of the fruit.
In order to compute a two-dimensional shape many readings must be taken.
Three contain two-dimensional shapes: the pattern block, tangrams, and two-dimensional worlds.
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