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a small or trifling amount of money

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In the existing method, the result of the previous bit's selection circuit (A) is implemented by a circuit combining the result of the selection circuit for the bit two bits previous (B) and the input signal for the selection circuit one bit previous (+/- compensation data) (C).
La premiere partie de Two Bits. The Cultural Significance of Free Software rehabilite une (anti)epistemologie pragmatique deweyenne renouvelee par une theorie de l'imaginaire social, qui s'appuie largement sur l'ouvrage de Charles Taylor: Modern Social Imaginairies (2004).
Long gone are the days of good haircuts; there's not two bits of the head the same length.
If the traveller also confirms with the FCO that they are okay, LOCATE will match the two bits of information and the good news can be quickly passed to relatives.
Montrose boss Jim Weir said: "We won thanks to two bits of brilliance from Baird."
They then started dragging me across the floor of the plane on a metal sheet nailed to two bits of wood.
Two of the four bits are used to adjust dot size, and the other two bits are used to adjust dot shape.
Many NAND-Flash devices now offer multi-level-charge (MLC) cells that store four charge levels to represent two bits per cell.
With two bits of advice gleaned from the internet (not all women are pretty and not all women are women), the lifelong loveable friendship of Micky and Daft Dave is yet again put to the test.
But the two bits of, as it were, effaced information--ONE THING and VIET-NAM--and their associations (literality and primacy in the first instance; napalm, self-immolating Buddhist monks, and a lying Texan president in the second) remained as traces of Kawara's earliest work, altering the impression conveyed by the later date paintings, which made up the rest of the show.
To balance a sequence between Os and 1s, von Neumann's algorithm groups the bits into pairs, then discards any pair in which the two bits are the same.
Pei and Oleg Cassini and movie sets for Eraser, Broadway Danny Rose and Two Bits with Al Pacino.
The two bits work in unison to install casing while drilling.
Two bits of clinical finishing though enabled visiting Welshpool to bag the points.
The new Mirror Bit architecture is able to store two bits of data in one cell - achieved by dividing each standard cell into two discrete and independent units where the data is stored in physically distinct locations.