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marked by or affected with tremors

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All the twittery stuff started to happen," he said.
Something to be enjoyed with one's equals (Mrs Dalloway and Lily Briscoe and those twittery debs in The Waves of whom I can only recall Rhoda).
New Who Smith nailed his part with a twittery energy similar to Tennant, but he quickly made the role his own.
We've even got original cast member Georgia Engel -- bouncy curls and twittery spit takes and all -- to garner plenty of laughs as Mrs.
The game went wrong when Romola Garai as a nervous and twittery Cordelia did not know what to say to gain her "more opulent" third.
What she might do is repair some of the damage the Windsors have inflicted upon themselves through their arrogance, upper-class twittery and detachment from the real world.
REWRITING HISTORY 1 SHADOW Chancellor Oliver Letwin is the likeable side of two-faced, Eton-educated Tory twittery - as opposed to Fatty Soames who's the nasty side.
QUIRKY electronic sounds, phantasmagorical colors, and twittery, well-oiled unison moves are but a few signature elements in an Alwin Nikolais dance work.
He and his mujer followed a set of twittery English women who seemed to know the ropes to a red bus that quickly filled; a large group of others from the train crossed the street and trooped away on a diagonal road.