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a bird that twitters

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One individual twitterer who does not mention someone else is not visible, but gives a sense of how the network is constructed.
The lucky Tweeter (Twitterer?) was user GGGGGGo_Lets_Go in Japan, reports the Daily Telegraph, though unfortunately the 20 billionth tweet doesn't make much sense.
Twitterers found their tweets silenced or delayed by up to 20 minutes as the Twitter site groaned under the weight of geeks screeching about the new tablet.
Re-Tweet: Reposting a Tweet word for word while giving credit to the original Twitterer. A re-Tweet usually appears as "RT @username:" followed by the original Tweet.
TIM: Or in D.C., the "life of the elected and powerful" Twitterer.
In September 2008, Colgate University (N.Y.) made a bold move by featuring the updates of its official student Twitterer, Ajay Chahar of the class of 2012, on its website homepage, on the bottom left corner.
Another twitterer asks Regan: "Are you off to pastures new?" Regan replies: "Not a chance."
In one more twist on the diabolical plan that will never be, ( Twitterer Reid D.
Leading the queue of those due in for a telling off when Nick gets back is tweeting twitterer Linda Hobson.
But not even her most life-threatening Twitterer can deny that she's fun, and bright.
Mr Neville went on to win an award for the nation's funniest twitterer.
Soon after an anonymous Twitterer (whose identity I was able to confirm) launched @AbeFoxman on July 30, after the organization opposed the Ground Zero Islamic center, the ADL filed a complaint, at which point Twitter gave its proprietor 48 hours to change the name; having changed it to @foxmanides ("because he likes to pontificate on behalf of the Jewish people as though he's some sort of sage"), Twitter still insisted that the proprietor change the background wallpaper, which was the ADL's logo, and its Web address, which was the ADL Website.
* IVY DIES: Tributes have been made after the death of Britain''s oldest Twitterer Ivy Bean, aged 104, at the Hillside Manor residential home in Bradford
Q YOU are a big Twitterer. How much does it interfere with your day?
They can directly put out their views in an easy manner," reasons filmmaker and avid Twitterer Pritish Nandy, on why this medium brings out the true personality of a celebrity who otherwise sticks to a definite image in his or her public life.