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Synonyms for twitchy

feeling or exhibiting nervous tension

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Going into that game both teams were separated by goal difference with the advantage in Twitchy Tim's favour.
BUM'S RUSH Van Gaal says 4-4-2 gives him a twitchy ass
com/fakedansavage/statuses/320911201464897536) tweeted his condolences to the Warren family, a fact Twitchy pointed out.
Yesterday's highlights THERE were some twitchy fingers on the exchanges during the running of the 1m Listed contest at Doncaster, possibly influenced by the side-on camera angle that tends to exaggerate the amount of ground a horse is making.
A twitchy whirl of studied eccentricity, Matt Smith remains a derivative Doctor who brings nothing new to the party.
ISLAMABAD, June 30, 2009 (Balochistan Times) --Children who are overweight at the age 6 to 7 years are at a higher risk for having symptoms of asthma like shortness of breath and twitchy airways when they are 8 years old.
It was very exciting for the spectators and the audience but it was a very twitchy match.
It's also one of the first records to properly marry the twitchy guitars and morose sensibilities of English post-punk with synthy, gothy dance music, thus making it a perfect melancholy teen bedroom staple for the next decade.
helped put this hard-banging Angolan groove on blast in a video for Buraka Som Sistema's "Sound of Kuduro," featuring dancers performing twitchy, exaggerated steps and falls.
He said: "When two teams are in our positions it gets twitchy as the rewards for staying in this league are massive.
Tenney's Gould is as smooth and composed as Germann is twitchy and anxious.
Smith) live the perfect suburban guppie dream until a twitchy, buttoned-up homophobe Bible-thumper (Chad Donella) moves in next door.
Tap-dance-like footwork and twitchy knee vibrations make him look as if small animals were trying to escape from his trousers.
The Miss Jane Marple role made famous by Joan Hickson is adopted by Geraldine McEwan, who gives the spinster sleuth a batty, chattering, slightly twitchy edge.
Those retailers getting a bit twitchy about Christmas will not be reassured by the exclusive research into festive shopping habits published on page 32 of this issue.