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feeling or exhibiting nervous tension

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For the first time we have found a link between airways inflammation, which can be caused by environmental triggers such as allergens, cigarette smoke and car fumes, and airways twitchiness in allergic asthma," she added.
"Our paper shows how these triggers release chemicals that activate CaSR in airway tissue and drive asthma symptoms like airway twitchiness, inflammation, and narrowing.
It also displays good manners in the clouds, with no tendency toward pitch twitchiness or wing fall off.
Clark said he did not detect any twitchiness before home fixtures in the ranks.
While her affectations were sometimes grating in their jumpiness and twitchiness, Walker's soliloquies were nothing short of hypnotic.
MENTALITY THIS is no time for twitchiness but there was a nervousness about St James' Park on Saturday.
He is supposed to stay with the Baggies for the season, but Benitez can recall him when the transfer window opens so there might be a little bit of twitchiness in the West Midlands for the next few weeks.
Even so, it's a remarkably smooth ride without any noticeable twitchiness but a lot of inherent grip to match the grunt underfoot when you put pedal to metal.
That is, instead of presuming that these new forms of cultural production are normatively benign, we should also consider the possibility that the experienced need constantly and immediately to do something with knowledge might represent not empowerment but twitchiness. The need always to be doing something--and to be seen as such--suggests a combination of pleasure and unease in the experience of liquid modernity, a mixture which finds expression as much in the corporeal and temporal inscription of its demands as in the expressive output of the citizen journalist or blogger.
Faultlessly smooth on all road types, there is never any back end twitchiness in this car''s make-up.
Once you have a general feel for the twitchiness of the deer where you are hunting, you have to come up with a coping strategy.
Gearchanges are quick and smooth, the brakes truly finely balanced between effort and assistance and the steering imparts excellent feedback to the driver while producing a tight turning circle and without suffering vagueness or twitchiness at speed.
The power steering has good feedback, a tight turning circle and does not suffer from vibration or twitchiness.
Three long years had passed since I'd last hunted whitetails, and their circumspect twitchiness had slipped my mind.
The tension has certainly been high with plenty of nailbiting finishes - six of the first nine matches went to the deciding set - but that has added up to twitchiness on the doubles and a subsequent tumbling of the averages.