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a bit or drill having deep helical grooves


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According to Jung and Ke (2007), the straight flute design, such as that in gun drills, adds strength to the drill and reduces the distance the chip must travel to escape the bore, when compared to twist drills. Current assay analyses drilling on SAE 306 aluminum alloy with straight flutes and different sharpening angles.
After the twist drills are grinded out with the designated different angles, the main drill point angles are measured for each twist drill as proposed by Kim and Zou [22]; the measurement values of the drill point angles are shown in Table 1.
To those who are familiar only with conventional twist drills, the first and most striking feature of a gundrill is the shape and location of the cutting edge of the tool.
About two months after it acquired $10-million-sales carbide-end-mill producer Data Flute CNC (Pittsfield, Mass.), it picked up similar-sized Minnesota Twist Drill (Chisholm, Minn.).
Products described in the catalog include new Spirec micro drills, solid carbide drill reamers, solid carbide twist drills, and high performance carbide twist drills.
When correctly equipped, this machine is capable of producing high quality carbide drills, carbide end mills, hss twist drills, hss endmills, center drills, step drills, routers, taps, burs, gears, cams, splines, shafts, and other ground parts.
will be introducing a revolutionary concept in twist drills that will increase productivity and not drill price.
By replacing solid high speed steel (HSS) twist drills with indexable carbide insert drills, Gougler Industries, Inc.
One of the first points to be made regarding the annular tool is the fact that it is a cutter, where twist drills are part cutting tool and part chisel.
KUB Duplon twist drills are designed for small bores and high cutting speeds and feed rates.
XPS-16 sharpens HSS and carbide twist drills from 1/8" to 5/8" (3-16mm) diameter, from 2" to 8 3/4" long, and angles from 118 to 145 degrees.