twist drill

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a bit or drill having deep helical grooves


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Moreover, as the point geometry of the twist drill is completely featured with the drill point angles such as the semipoint angle, the chisel edge angle, and the relief angle, the drilling forces depend naturally on the drill point angles.
Three different types of tools (carbide D 5407060, HSS twist drill (HSS-ORD, BS-328), and HSS end mill (4 FLUTES "N"-type end mill RH-Helical flute) are used (Figure 1).
In June, a bankruptcy court sold Morse to Twist Drill. Twist Drill has promised not only to keep the plant open but to make multi-million dollar modernization investments.
About two months after it acquired $10-million-sales carbide-end-mill producer Data Flute CNC (Pittsfield, Mass.), it picked up similar-sized Minnesota Twist Drill (Chisholm, Minn.).
One of the catalog spotlights is machine shop accessories available for the portable magnetic drill models that broaden their work range including, pipe adapter kits, vacuum base adapters, tapping attachments, countersinking tools, twist drill adapters, and Jacobs[R] chucks, ratchet drive feeds, arbor extenders, and spindle adapters.
The basic design of the most commonly used hole producing tool -- the twist drill -- has not changed in centuries.