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She's a member of Teesside Twirlers, which is based in Hartlepool, and at Easter took part in the BBTSA National Championships.
SANTA CLARITA -- The city will crack down on sign twirlers who advertise everything from Hondas to ice cream from the walkways because they're in the city right-of-way.
Another told me something was "as gay as a baton twirler in the pride parade.
A 16-year-old high school baton twirler complained of long-standing low back pain, which usually occurred after she engaged in tumbling or twirling exercises and subsided by the time she went to bed.
Finally, six remained: the dancer who practically flew when he leaped; the ballerina who performed an elegant classical solo on pointe; the expressive dancer who could spin with fire; the stiltwalker who could cover the stage with one single long-limbed stride; the baton twirler and her animated baton; the dancer with some voice training and a face seemingly destined for clown white.
Somewhere near the beginning of the universe he already was a twirler.
Hill sends Lynn (Bridget Fonda), who used to be a baton twirler for him in Georgia, to the rehab center to find out if Juvenal is on the level.
In situations like this, you have to think like a tailender who can't resist swinging at a loopy twirler.
The West Indian twirler recorded impressive figures of 3 for 11 against Mumbai on Wednesday and heads into the contest in top form.
Ant Botha is still troubled by elbow and shin niggles so young twirler Chris Metters could get another chance to shine in the run-in.
The Northants twirler has bowled beautifully in the Sri Lankan series and shown plenty of positive intent.
But Andrew Van Burren is no ordinary twirler of ceramic objects.
WISPA it, but a Hurley Wurly and an Australian twirler paid a special Easter visit to the home of chocolate.
Pietersen's first significant score of the tour held England's middle order together before Matt Prior's brilliant counter-attack wrested the initiative from Kiwi twirler Bruce Martin.
The England twirler gets his tour priorities right racingpostsport