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Synonyms for twirl

Synonyms for twirl

to rotate rapidly

Synonyms for twirl

a sharp bend in a line produced when a line having a loop is pulled tight

the act of rotating rapidly

turn in a twisting or spinning motion

cause to spin

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It was thrilling stuff up the straight as Happy Hermit rallied and Droopys Twirl also improved rapidly to join the battle.
He did not take part in the riots and his friend gave him his jacket and in the pocket were five Twirl bars," she said.
The all-new Wispa and Twirl eggs, which will each contain three chocolate bars, will carry an rsp of 5.
But if you are giving this bean the help it needs make sure you twirl it in the right direction.
The amazing MOMIX dancers bounce and twirl their way through a Hanes ad.
Gucci has announced on the Spring/Summer 2006 women's runway in Milan, the debut of its new Twirl watch which is set to underscore the modern femininity of the Gucci woman.
Left to their own devices, young stars would twirl so fast that they'd fly apart.
The mobile elements spin and twirl in the air, the inanimate materials beginning a life of their own volition.
Grossman's colorful sticker packets adorn the shelves and twirl racks of many an art store and grocery, so she would seem the perfect author to present Designer Scrapbooks With Mrs.
Slices of juicy, peppery fillet steak, sliced and served on a twirl of Buitoni Tagliatelle with a mustard vinaigrette drizzled over, served with rocket
This year's parade was marred by the very public arrest of Bob Jamerson, who showed up in a mini-dress, Calvin Klein underpants and his trademark fishnet stockings--all ready to twirl his baton.
At one very popular workshop, teachers were taught to have their learning-disabled students twirl ribbons in front of their eyes.
To use, simply open the package, remove the scoop, collect the sample and twirl the bag.
In fact, the instructor might not even let you twirl anyway, even if you did want to.
And she couldn't twirl like Melissa and the other dancers who had been studying ballet a long time.