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an object that emits or reflects light in an intermittent flickering manner

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Tommy Steele, the toothy twinkler who charmed cinema audiences in the mid-1960s with Half a Sixpence, is coming to the Grand next week in Dr Doolittle.
They had names no self-- respecting firework manufacturer of today would entertain: Snowstorm, Opal Sprays, Emerald Cascade and Pixie Trees Twinkler.
The ban is being introduced by the British Radiocommunications Agency (RA) in response to findings that the LEDs on the cellphone twinkler make the aerial re-radiate at slightly different frequencies.
Victory denied - but not stardom, and a real twinkler was born in El Hadji.
The demo day included contributions from the likes of Twinkler, a business that provides an easy way for friends to sort out collective bills; SpecifyBy, an online resource for architects to browse the products they need; and Reframed, created to revolutionise how internet users interact with and share video.
Move to the northeast, skirting a trio of orange 13th--15th magnitude twinklers, to find the more populous NGC 366.