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Synonyms for twinkle

Synonyms for twinkle

to shine with intermittent gleams

to open and close the eyes rapidly

Synonyms for twinkle

a rapid change in brightness

merriment expressed by a brightness or gleam or animation of countenance

gleam or glow intermittently

emit or reflect light in a flickering manner

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It's the same with me and my other collections,' Twinkle notes.
She will be competing in the 72 kg event giving her space to her sister Maryam who will go on to participate in the seniors category, while twinkle will stay in the juniors' event.
Twinkle was soon guest hosting on VH1, while her songs appeared in television shows and an ad for her album adorned the back cover of Billboard magazine.
" He gets to judge NachBaliye and i get to judge if that gross thing on my floor is dog puke or poop # SuchIsLife ( sic)," tweeted @ mrsfunnybones, or Twinkle as she is known on Twitter.
" He says in order to save the leg he had to"t metal pins and a plate to the leg, Twinkle's tail also had to be amputated to prevent septicaemia.
Summary: Muscat: Oman Cricket Team Muscat 'A' was undone by Twinkle Bhandari's ton (101: 141 balls, ...
** WADSWORTH, Annabelle Simon Meets Mrs Twinkle for the First Time ISBN 9781921928994; Mrs Twinkle takes Simon to the Great Barrier Reef ISBN 9781921928772 Little Steps Pub, 2013 32pp $15.95 pbk
Rajesh Khanna's alleged lady love, Anita Advani, is back with another allegation on Dimple Kapadia and daughter Twinkle Khanna.
Mozart's variations on "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" gently begin the ballet, which progresses to Schubert's lush strains, followed by rivetin9 dancing to Benjamin Britten.
THIS KITTEN called Twinkle was found in a box outside an animal centre.
Twinkle Toes Direct-to-DO animated movie based on girl-
WHY do stars twinkle? THE scientific name for the twinkling of stars is stellar scintillation.
Twinkle Park lies on the boundary between the London Boroughs of Greenwich and Lewisham, within a stone's throw of the River Thames.
Look at the stars and you'll notice they shimmer and change--they twinkle But if you're lucky enough to see a planet, it won't twinkle at all.