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one of a pair of identical beds

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Just a pity one of the twin beds has remained forever unused because, when they come for their sleepovers, Missy-nearly-eight insists on sleeping with me.
And Castro Convertibles offers a clever option: an oversize ottoman that converts into a single or twin bed. You can choose from a wide range of slipcovers.
Later, the boyfriend put the children to bed, with the 4-year-old girl sleeping in one of the twin beds in the room she shared with her mother.
Out goes their double divan and in comes two twin beds, not to forget the infra-red camera that catches all kinds of illegal bedroom activities.
The twin beds of The Donna Reed Show's leading couple were part of the humor in one episode in which Donna Reed runs for city council and wins.
Pistoletto's "segno arte," his farfalle-shaped "art sign," served as ground plan for a maze of interconnected wire-mesh chambers; into these were fitted colorful, smartly finished, bow tie--shaped fabrications of everyday objects (a Ping-Pong table, a desk, twin beds, doors).
The Blairs will even get their own in-air "bedroom" because their twin beds - each one 39in across - will be surrounded by specially installed partitions.
She reveals few tabloid-style secrets about their marriage (he insisted on twin beds), but she does enlighten those balletomanes who may have been wondering about his working habits, personality, and crotchets (he thought The Red Shoes silly and found Massine's performance particularly annoying).
Perhaps you've noticed that none of the women in the classic MGM musicals had navels and that all married couples slept in twin beds. Current rating systems attempt to protect young folks from observing that human female mammaries have nipples.
As our exclusive picture shows, the twin beds and mattresses are usually pushed together and presented as a double room for couples and sold for between pounds 105 and pounds 160 a night.