twin bed

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one of a pair of identical beds

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Just a pity one of the twin beds has remained forever unused because, when they come for their sleepovers, Missy-nearly-eight insists on sleeping with me.
Caption(s): Stanley shows a sweet-natured side in twin beds that can be dressed to fit any age.
The tragedy happened after the sisters went for a lie down on their twin beds, after a morning out in the heat.
She and Lane got rid of her queen-sized bed and pushed two twin beds into an L shape in the corner against the walls like a sectional sofa.
Holiday needs: Men's pants, shirts, coats, sweatshirts, socks, shoes; women's clothes, mostly large sizes, such as pants, sweaters, shirts, socks, shoes, undergarments; personal hygiene items; craft supplies; bedding for twin beds; prizes to award at Bingo games; office equipment; paint
Each of the beds, including a hotbed, featherbed, unmade bed, waterbed, twin beds, smelly bed, four poster bed and bed of roses will be given to schools in Newcastle.
Later, the boyfriend put the children to bed, with the 4-year-old girl sleeping in one of the twin beds in the room she shared with her mother.