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coming next after the twenty-third in position


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To find X, we need to consider the balance in a savings account in the twenty-fourth period (after August 15).
075 is the twenty-fourth cash dividend paid by Bank Mutual Corporation since becoming a capital stock organization in November 2000.
This is the twenty-fourth consecutive quarterly dividend to be declared by SouthFirst Bancshares, Inc.
This will be the twenty-fourth consecutive year in which the company has increased its dividend rate.
Then the player shades that many twenty-fourths in the Picture 1 space and records the fraction in the Fraction 1 space (Figures 1 and 4).
For example, if students found that eight twenty-fourths and six twenty-fourths equal four twelfths and three twelfths, respectively, they may use the twenty-fourths or the twelfths in their equation.
Students found no applicable equivalent fractions for eleven twenty-fourths or seven twenty-fourths, but determined that eleven twenty-fourths was greater because the pieces were all the "same size" but the eleven pieces were "more than the seven" pieces.
For the second example, the author preselected six twenty-fourths and three twenty-fourths to find applicable equivalent fractions for each.
When one student named a fraction as "fifteen ninths", his partner demonstrated that the fifteen pieces on the twenty-four mat equaled fifteen twenty-fourths, saying, "But we have fifteen pieces and it takes twenty-four to make a whole.
There were usually multiple ways to show any given fraction, and students were easily able to move between the twenty-fourths and twelfths, often splitting the even numerators into two halves (Figure 6).
Another example of problem-solving for equivalent fractions came while a pair of boys tried to find an equivalent fraction for six twenty-fourths (Figure 8).