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* Twenty-five percent of millennials believe they compromise IT security, compared with only 5 percent of boomers.
More than twenty-five percent of the company's Illinois employees live in the City of Chicago and it was important to establish a city presence in order to assist its employees in maximizing their personal and professional potential, said its chairman, president and chief executive officer Timothy P.
Twenty-five percent of funds raised will go to the Worcester County Food Bank and the remainder will be distributed to disaster relief and anti-poverty programs throughout the world.
Twenty-five percent of all Israeli children between the ages of 6-8 have their own cellular phones, and 28% of children ages 12-14 have an iPhone, according to a survey sponsored by the Pelephone Communications Ltd.
Twenty-five percent of pint sales from the Ninkasi Tasting Room will be donated to CALC and will support CALC's work for peace, human dignity and social, racial and economic justice.
Twenty-five percent of respondents said that having enough money to live in retirement gives them the greatest peace of mind.
Twenty-five percent were ranked very low activity, with fewer than 3,500 steps a day, while half the group took fewer than 7,800 steps daily.
"We really wanted to showcase rye in this beer--it offers such a unique spicy flavor and at twenty-five percent of the grain bill, it's definitely front and center," said brewer Damian Brown.
* Twenty-five percent of renters use security systems compared to 44 percent of homeowners
Twenty-five percent plan to depart on Friday, June 29, while 16 percent plan to travel starting Saturday, June 30.
Haider Rizvi said FBR also intends to reduce custom duty from it's existing rate of thirty-five percent to twenty-five percent in next budget for the benefit of the people.
Twenty-five percent of children were unable to return home because of housing problems.
Twenty-five percent of the Members of Parliament elected in Canada's May election are women.
Of all executives working in surveyed companies in Turkey, women claimed a twenty-five percent share, five points higher than the global average, Grant Thorton, international accounting and consulting firm, has said.
Twenty-five percent larger than its sibling, the FS-380, the FS-480 is suited for processes that push more fluid through their systems and demand low pressure drop.