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Synonyms for twenty-first

coming next after the twentieth in position


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You know the Princess Ozma is to celebrate her birthday on the twenty-first of this month.
Beauly's mysterious proceedings on the morning of the twenty-first of October, I was on the brink of the very discovery which it was the one interest of my life to make
Acclimated by years of confinement in the zoological gardens, they were fitted to resume in England the wild existence for which nature had intended them, and once free, had evidently bred prolifically, in marked contrast to the captive exotics of twentieth century Pan-America, which had gradually become fewer until extinction occurred some time during the twenty-first century.
The first night, accordingly, we pushed to the house of a Maclaren in Strathire, a friend of Duncan's, where we slept the twenty-first of the month, and whence we set forth again about the fall of night to make another easy stage.
Only this morning (May twenty-first, Eighteen hundred and fifty), came my lady's nephew, Mr.
Miss Fairlie's twenty-first birthday was late in March.
This sum was absolutely Miss Fairlie's own on her completing her twenty-first year, and the whole future disposition of it depended, in the first instance, on the conditions I could obtain for her in her marriage-settlement.
As matters stood, my client--Miss Fairlie not having yet completed her twenty-first year--Mr.
She was born in Hanover, New Hampshire, on the twenty-first of December, 1829.
Now George Nupkins, Esquire, the principal magistrate aforesaid, was as grand a personage as the fastest walker would find out, between sunrise and sunset, on the twenty-first of June, which being, according to the almanacs, the longest day in the whole year, would naturally afford him the longest period for his search.
Teaching Beowulf in the Twenty-First Century" by Howell Chickering (Professor of English emeritus, Amherst College), Allen J.
Immigration in the Twenty-First Century: Making Americans, Remaking America" is a comprehensive examination of the enduring issues surrounding immigration and immigrants in the United States.
6 percent holding of Twenty-First Century Fox, worth around $1.
today confirmed that it rejected a proposal from Twenty-First Century Fox to acquire all of the outstanding shares of the Company for a combination of 1.
Presented in an autobiographical format, "Nothing Is as It Appears, It's All Smoken Mirrors: A Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Chronicle of Coverup and Conspiracy" presents author Jim Allen's iconoclastic perspective on a series of controversies ranging from governmental conspiracies, to UFOs, to the assassination of President Kennedy, to the deceptive economic underpinnings of American finances, and a great deal more.