twenty percent

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one part in five equal parts

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The issuance of TWENTY MILLION (20,000,000) shares of stock of Spectrum Blue Steel Seychelles, representing TWENTY percent (20%) share thereof to CJ Consortium GROUP INC.
Four students never participated in the required discussion board component resulting in an automatic grade reduction of twenty percent.
Twenty percent said they raised rates (a slightly higher proportion than in the preceding three quarters), and 2% dropped their rates.
Twenty percent of respondents say they have a debit card rewards program, up 40 percent from 12 percent of respondents who had debit rewards in the May 2006 survey.
Twenty percent of the apartments are reserved for low-income elderly residents.
Twenty percent of the city's households said their mortgage and other homeowner-related fees amount to less than 15 percent of their income.
Depending on which developed country we cite and how we define poverty, it ranges from perhaps twenty percent of the population to ten percent or much less.
In addition, according to the poll of Chicago suburbanites, thirty-one percent of those polled said they are saving at least six percent, and as much as twenty percent of their family's monthly income.
under the proposed zoning would produce a hefty twenty percent to thirty-five percent return on the developer's investment.
NYSE: COP), at its Annual Meeting of Shareholders held on February 12, 1997, reported that it will meet its controlled new unit development growth goal of twenty percent in fiscal 1997 with the opening of 32 new company-operated Steak n Shake restaurants.
Twenty percent is not nearly enough, UTLA president Day Higuchi pronounces.
Approximately sixty percent (60%) of the separated waste material is converted into fuel pellets for use in a Startec Fluidized Bed Furnace to generate steam and/or electricity, twenty percent (20%) goes to the landfill and the remaining twenty percent (20%) is sold for profit.
After all, twenty percent of Manhattan's hotel rooms are located within the boundaries of Times Square.