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Synonyms for twelvemonth

a period of time of approximately 12 months, especially that period during which the earth completes a single revolution around the sun


Synonyms for twelvemonth

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"But thee wutna like moving from th' old place, this Michaelmas twelvemonth," said Mr.
"Eh, it's no use worreting; there's plenty o' things may happen between this and Michaelmas twelvemonth. The captain may be master afore them, for what we know," said Mrs.
Now a twelvemonth and a day passed since Prior Vincent of Emmet sat at feast, and once more the mellow fall of another year had come.
"Ha!" said Sir Richard, "I wonder that I knew thee not, David; but thy beard hath grown longer, and thou thyself art more set in manhood since this day twelvemonth. Come hither into the tent, David, and wash the blood from thy face.
They had not been here a twelvemonth when he left England.
Within the twelvemonth I be- came her worshiper; and ours was the dearest and perfectest comradeship that ever was.
It is even supposed that the tinge of the latter is that of reddish sand-stone, like much of that known in our own world, but more decided in tint, while two brilliant white spots, at its poles, are thought to be light reflected from the snows of those regions, rendered more conspicuous, or disappearing, as they first emerge from a twelvemonths' winter, or melt in a summer of equal duration."
Twelvemonth community order, programme and supervision requirements, two-year driving ban, PS180 fine, PS60 victim surcharge, PS80 costs.
The order of presentation of the essays follows the reading program of Reform Judaism, which starts with the High Holy Days (usually in September), and continues for a twelvemonth study of the Pentateuch (Bible).
A 16-year-old boy was given a twelvemonth supervision order.
Kesa group retail profits for the twelvemonth period, including BUT, increased by 7.2 per cent to pounds 194 million on revenues 10.6 per cent ahead at pounds 4.98 billion.
During the second quarter of this year, imports registered over a twelvemonth period hit US$30.70 billion while exports hit $42.60 billion, up 19% and 15.5%, respectively.
Carey's financial results for the twelvemonth period of 2005 were lower than those for the year 2004 primarily as a result of revenues earned from the merger of two of its managed affiliated real estate investment trusts (REITs) in 2004.