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pluck with tweezers

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But in the rare times you must--you may tweeze out just a little.
The Random House Dictionary of the English Language has these suggestions for new "code words": Tweedle, Twain, Twang, Tweak (an okay choice), Tween, Tweeze, Twerp, Twirp (my personal favorite), Twiddle, Twig, Twill, Twist, Twit (a close second for me), Twirl, Twin and Twink.
A failed attempt to tweeze her brows leaves Jujube with only one eyebrow.
Because hand-held devices are designed for speed and portability, mobile solutions must "tweeze" critical information out of the vast array of available data.
Tweeze both eyes together taking a few hairs from each at a time (as shaping one brow shape after the other is incredibly difficult).
It's like one of those Brits abroad shows that makes you cringe.And the guys are just not that manly.They swig ros wine, tweeze their chest hair and use hair straighteners.
TweezLight offers them the best opportunity to tweeze with ease."
"It's very important to resist the temptation to tweeze as soon as you notice a hair!" adds Amanda.
Tweeze Free Microwave hair remover was designed for eyebrows and upper lips and is formulated with azulene, an anti-inflammatory agent.
If you've overgroomed your brows, the advice is to allow the hairs closest to the existing edges to grow in and continue to tweeze those out that are not.
Mark strays with white eyeliner (this', prevent you from going overboard), then hold the skin near your brow bone taut with one hand and use the other to tweeze hairs, pulling in the same direction they grow.
Creators of the successful hair trimmers Finishing Touch and Bikini Touch, IdeaVillage is now rolling out Luma Tweeze, the first lighted tweezer with a magnifying lens.