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Synonyms for twat

a man who is a stupid incompetent fool

obscene terms for female genitals

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Seeking to clarify the extent to which Stobbs had thunder twatted it into said top pokie, they added "Jacobs with a terrific header to play Lawless down the right, he switches the ball from left to right and Stobbs runs on the ball and volleys the Granny out of it right into the top corner".
A TEENAGER accused over the murder of a father who was attacked after confronting a gang of youths later said he had "just twatted a man", a court heard yesterday.
'We supported New Order at the Barrowland in 1985 and got twatted by the bouncers.
A man does not--unless he's absolutely twatted, unless he's completely insane--behave in that manner.
He says: "I didn't know they needed insulin because I was so twatted. The place was covered with drugs and I didn't want a f*** ambulance coming."
He is 63 now, and said to be fed up with being twatted about by Dubya Blair.