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They demand that the occupant of that property prove to them they don't have a TV set or they continue to harass with threatening letters and calls to that property.
"The large TV set was so heavy that she started bleeding from the nose almost instantly," he added, sobbing.
In a survey conducted in February, 78 percent of 369 housewives in their 20s to 60s said they realize they will need to get special tuners or TV sets with built-in digital tuners to watch digital broadcasts when analog broadcasting ends in 2011.
With MediaMVP's slideshow function, it's easy to view holiday digital pictures on a TV set while listening to digital music played from the PC through the TV.
Play TV Baseball ($49.99) from Radica USA Ltd., Dallas, Tex., calls for three players--you, your opponent, and a TV set. The batter gets a wireless bat equipped with a sensor; the pitcher, an electronic controller that allows him to throw a fastball, knuckleball, change-up, or curve; and the TV set has a wireless home plate plugged into its jack.
Owners of TV Sets do not pay any annual special fee or tax on television to DGI (Direction Generale des Impots) and the channels can be picked up freely by any end user;
For example, reducing the standby power of a TV set from seven watts to less than one watt would save about five dollars per year per TV.
Some of Paik's early work, which showed the TV set no mercy, displayed an epigrammatic wit.
There are a regular ATSC 3.0 TV set displaying the basic HD HDR service and a PC based hybrid receiver prototype able to combine the base and enhancement layers thanks to a SHVC decoder.
17 ( ANI ): Apple co-founder Steve Jobs reportedly had no interest in making an Apple TV set, a new book has claimed.
Digital TV licences, due to be awarded in October 2013, will boost TV set purchases, as households upgrade to digital.
Smartphones, tablets and internet-enabled TV sets were among the main growth areas in 2012, with smart TV set technology a fierce competitive battleground for vendors ahead of a possible product launch by Apple.
Since the advent of the TV remote control in 1950, the basic paradigm for controlling the TV set has not changed substantially.
Russian IPTV headend manufacturer NetUP announced on Friday that it is now ready to offer an IPTV solution with no IP set-top boxes needed for its new Android-based IP STB integrated TV set.