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ice cream containing chopped candied fruits

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Artificial synthetic aroma and flavor additives, tutti-frutti and cookies, were obtained from a manufacturing industry of food microingredients in the city of Recife, state of Pernambuco, Brazil, specialized in national and international marketing of synthetic food additives.
We also assessed the combination of the two flavorings, as follows: for each tutti-frutti flavoring dose set it was added the same dose of the cookie flavoring.
Regarding the tutti-frutti flavoring (Table 1), mitotic indices observed for the three doses in both exposure times investigated were statistically similar to the mitotic index obtained for their controls.
Still in Table 01, data for the treatments from the association between doses of cookie and tutti-frutti flavorings showed that in the treatment 0.
cepa roots treated with water and food flavorings cookie and tutti-frutti, alone and in combination in ET 24 hour and 48 hour at doses of 0.
The results in Table 2 indicate that the doses of cookie and tutti-frutti additives, for both forms of assessment, alone and in combination, resulted in a significant number of micronuclei and mitotic spindle changes, such as colchicine metaphase, anaphase and telophase bridges in meristematic cells of A.
Na Tabela 4 estao apresentados os resultados que os cremes de tutti-frutti e de limao apresentaram aceitacao semelhante pelos degustadores.
O de abacaxi nao diferenciou estatisticamente da aceitacao do creme de tutti-frutti, que foi o que atingiu maior nota media na escala hedonica.
O sabor mais apreciado foi o tutti-frutti, possivelmente pela forte associacao e identificacao com o sabor de guloseimas.
Tabela 2--Frequencia das notas atribuidas as amostras de cremes de aveia por diferentes grupos etarios (criancas, adolescentes e adultos) nos sabores morango, abacaxi, limao, tutti-frutti e uva, nas texturas arenosa, pastosa e floculada.
The taste is actually not as sickening as you might expect - especially if you forget about the bubble gum (admittedly not an easy thing to do) and think tutti-frutti.
Brian has been asked to set up a factory in New Delhi after Indian businessmen got a taste for his tutti-frutti.
Children were administered Tamiflu in a tutti-frutti flavored oral suspension formulation.
TENCH and long summer days by the waterside are poetry in motion when a monster Tinca dives on a tutti-frutti boilie bait.
Newsreader Julia Somerville yearns for Tutti-Frutti sweets.