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the act, process, or art of imparting knowledge and skill

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HashLearn: Bengaluru-based on-demand mobile tutoring platform, HashLearn has developed an Android mobile application to give students preparing for entrance examinations a better user experience.
In-home tutoring eliminates the pressure and embarrassment of the classroom setting and allows each student to focus on the lesson at hand.
In fact, the OGWT opens with Section I, "Introduction to Tutoring Writing," and Section II, "A Tutor's Handbook.
Beginning with the library research students in tutor training courses often do and continuing through the presentation of their research to real audiences, tutors are exposed to pedagogical and intellectual conversations about peer writing tutoring.
The dean of the Kaplan University (KU) School of Business and Information Technology (SBIT) scheduled a meeting to discuss the possibility of adding a permanent, dedicated online business tutoring center to the budget.
Tutoring is a common form of learning support and academic assistance available to college students.
Many researchers specifically advocate pairing lower performing students with higher performing students during reciprocal peer tutoring (McMaster, Fuchs, & Fuchs, 2006).
It was just a matter of time before the two emerging worlds of private tutoring and distance education united.
The tutoring program was evaluated using a nineteen question survey instrument which students anonymously filled out on Blackboard.
No matter what the future holds for NCLB, principals and other educators will still need to know what kinds of tutoring are effective and for what purposes.
But more and more, districts are hiring an outside firm for everything from after-school tutoring to college counseling, from analyzing test scores to writing the curriculum (see "Big Players").
In this article peer tutoring is being promoted as a pedagogical strategy that teachers may use in technology instruction and integration to achieve a wider range of learning outcomes such as; subject content interest and mastery, improved technology skills, cooperation among students and raising self esteem.
Peer tutoring and cross-age tutoring are two student-to-student tutoring methods.
Even though her 8-year-old son gets good grades in school, Sivan Kobi wanted him to practice his reading over the summer, so she signed him up for twice-a-week lessons at a commercial tutoring center.
Understanding the Gap Between an AmericaReads Program and the Tutoring Sessions: The Nesting of Challenges --Roe & Vukelich