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the act, process, or art of imparting knowledge and skill

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Peer tutoring requires careful planning that is grounded in the appropriate training of student tutors.
In August, Suntken's firm purchased SES provider Education Station from Catapult Learning, increasing the percentage of its business that's SES related to about half and providing tutoring services to more than 300 districts nationwide.
Teachers may motivate students to value peer tutoring partnerships by allocating a portion of their quarterly grade to this exercise.
Rather than putting kids in karate, dance or sports, parents are looking more to putting kids in tutoring.
Despite variations in the components of tutoring programs and disagreements among researchers on the definition, tutoring, in general, is characterized by an interaction between a tutor who assists a tutee.
HashLearn: Bengaluru-based on-demand mobile tutoring platform, HashLearn has developed an Android mobile application to give students preparing for entrance examinations a better user experience.
In-home tutoring eliminates the pressure and embarrassment of the classroom setting and allows each student to focus on the lesson at hand.
In fact, the OGWT opens with Section I, "Introduction to Tutoring Writing," and Section II, "A Tutor's Handbook.
Beginning with the library research students in tutor training courses often do and continuing through the presentation of their research to real audiences, tutors are exposed to pedagogical and intellectual conversations about peer writing tutoring.
The dean of the Kaplan University (KU) School of Business and Information Technology (SBIT) scheduled a meeting to discuss the possibility of adding a permanent, dedicated online business tutoring center to the budget.
Keywords: tutoring, developmental education, English, grades, efficacy
This issue of WLN focuses on the work of tutors--both their tutoring abilities and their scholarship.
This study attempted to determine whether giving lower performing tutors preferential instruction over their higher performing tutees before they engage in peer tutoring sessions may help increase the reading achievement for these lower performing tutors.
First, this article will define private tutoring and distance education and discuss online tutoring as a whole.
Effective tutoring includes high determination of tutors towards performing of their duties as well having command on skill to work in distance education mode.