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providing protective supervision

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According to the report of the professionals, despite their obligation and their value as a way to guarantee the rights of children and adolescents in their care, notification is a practice still little used in the routine of professionals, perhaps due to the absence of an organization institutional, as evidenced here: we know that if we suspect, we must notify it, but in some cases of violence we see, the professional does not do it, it is solved in the unit with the family, perhaps because they [professionals] understand that to notify responsible bodies, to the Tutelary Council, sometimes it is not resolving (E1); Depending on the type of violence, we did not make formal notification for lack of information, but for fear of losing the family (E3).
In serving users only those posts with which they will agree, Facebook is like Tocqueville's 'tutelary's power' which "everyday ...
Like Scrooge's ghosts, the head is a shape-shifter, at times taking on the form of the Green Man of legend, at others appearing more like a sculpture by Barbara Hepworth, one of the novel's other tutelary spirits.
Westermarck and considers that the victim cannot become a tutelary figure for his assassins (Eliade, 2008: 173).
The Americans promised Filipinos that colonial rule would only be tutelary in nature.
We're talking about violations that involve a few hundred students, ranging from ones that call for a serious tutelary response (e.g., for the sweetly earnest young woman) to ones calling for permanent expulsion (for the students who participated in the mob as we exited), to criminal prosecution (at the very least, for those who injured Professor Stanger).
Asherah faded from the scene and YHWH became the Judean tutelary god.
In this regard, it would not be inaccurate to claim that the 1961 and the 1982 Constitutions in Turkey included transitional exit and tutelary terms.
Those women who can feel in their bodies the ebbing of the oceans, women perfectly aligned, erect, over the infinite vestiges of their origins, tutelary goddesses who transmit a visceral fear of darkness ...
Time Tutelary has brought urban focus on automatic watch winders and increased their popularity.
Rose Counsels the Washerwomen of Lima." Some of these saints are the tutelary spirit of the named trade; others seem to be the poet's invention.
Enlightened people believed that Britain was performing a tutelary role in its colonies.
Placing responsibility on the elites of the country, E[currency]ahin Alpay, columnist for Zaman and Today's Zaman, said that Turkey now encounters a tutelary system backed by the people which replaced the military tutelage.
The abductors reportedly refused a mediation conducted by tribal leaders claiming they are a revolutionary group without identifying themselves, and as such they reject any tribal tutelary.
Expatiating on these views in the various chapters, Agyeman argues that some kind of bifurcated empowerment took place in Asia's major economies through tutelary capitalism, on one hand, and on the other, a powerful intent to preserve sovereignty and independent will.