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obtained from conifers (especially pines)

volatile liquid distilled from turpentine oleoresin

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In the light of the other results, it was found out that sericin layer available on the exterior surface was removed completely in the ultrasonic energy method where the turpentine soap was used and the fibrillary structure of the silk fiber became more apparent.
It often takes repeated applications over a number of days, but eventually the turpentine will clean the wood.
You'll need to use white spirit or turpentine substitute for cleaning and you should soak your brushes in between coats.
It consists of a colloid material, resin, abrasive powders, stabilizer, fibers and natural turpentine that are bonded together.
Previous drilling in the Eight Mile Creek and Turpentine South areas was guided by relatively wide spaced airborne magnetic data and intersected copper-gold mineralisation at a number of localities.
shovel, everywhere--we used turpentine to wash off the pine's smell
A BIRMINGHAM teenager put a spoonful of turpentine spirit into his mother's curry to "annoy" her - but has escaped jail.
PESHAWAR, June 24 -- The Board of Directors of Forest Development Corporation (FDC) in a special meeting held on Wednesday extensively discussed the transfer of land and building of FDC to Malakand University at Shringal Dir and transfer of Haripur Rosin and Turpentine Factory to Hazara University and demanded of the government to pay reasonable amount as per the market price to FDC as soon as possible so as to protect the rights of FDC and its employees and remove their apprehensions in this regard.
And when she arrived doctors had to send a nurse out to buy turpentine to remove the paint.
It won't do any good to whine And say it smells like turpentine. Of course it doesn't taste as good As chocolate cake or cookies would, But neither does it taste as bad As medicine you might have had.
Pomegranates, fig, date, vegetables, various summer fruits, dried fruits, nuts, saffron, turpentine and roses are among the main agricultural products exported from the Iranian Fars Province during the last 6 months.
Using a simple "scratch and sniff" test, researchers tested the ability of 589 mentally alert older adults (average age 80) to identify 12 common scents such as turpentine, lemon and soap.
GOLD RUSH GRUB: FROM TURPENTINE STEW TO HOOCHINOO is recommended for two types of collections: those strong in early Western pioneer history, and those strong in regional American cookbooks.
At least we'll be spared the laryngeal grunting of old turpentine tonsils but even without the gravel gargler I'm not optimistic about the quality of this year's acts.
Samuel Morey; ethanol and turpentine source: www.eia.doe.gov/kids/history/timelines/ethanol.html