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the ratio of the number of workers that had to be replaced in a given time period to the average number of workers

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We hypothesised that soil carbon turnover rate is related to the content of carbon (total and chemically labile) and organic matter-associated aluminium, iron and silicon, and the Q10 of respiration.
After five years, at the start of a second term, the effect actually reverses, and the turnover rate is noticeably lower for career civil servants in those years relative to all others.
Director of DKM Economic Consultants Annette Hughes added: "One key statistic was the national average housing turnover rate in the year to June 2016 was 2.
The latest figures show the turnover rate stands at 88 percent for the fourth quarter of 2011, which was down 1 percentage point from the previous quarter.
The authors explain that the connection between teacher turnover and child outcomes is complex, since the centers with high teacher turnover rates and lower levels of child outcomes also are characterized by their poor quality.
Among subsectors, the greatest employee turnover rate was found in human services, at 11.
These ingredients will also serve to trim the exponential turnover rates.
The turnover rate among the front-line workers responsible for Milwaukee County's abused and neglected children improved during the first six months of 2009, according to a report presented at the semi-annual Community Meeting on Child Welfare.
Of the respondents to the hiring survey, 61% reported an hourly employee turnover rate of 15% or less.
I have asked thousands of managers to tell me their turnover rate, but I don't believe one of them has told me anything other than their annual percentage per year.
8% turnover rate for positions of identical work, done by government staff who receive higher wages than their community colleagues, for which the turnover rate is between 40-70%.
The Amex Airline index has experienced a 60% turnover rate in its listed names since it was created in 1994.
The average annual turnover rate at continuing care retirement communities is less than 29 percent, excluding turnover associated with skilled-nursing beds.