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tender leaves of young white turnips

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By December, the turnip tops were all gone and the turnips themselves had been kicked from the ground and munched to near nothing.
My partner's giant prawn, with cannellini beans and turnip tops, was something different but worked because the flavours complemented rather than clashed and the components were fresh and simple.
You can steam, roast or mash the creamy white flesh, which tastes sweet and slightly peppery, and eat the leaves (known as turnip greens or turnip tops) too.
There's still just time to sow maincrop varieties of turnips for cropping and storage from mid-October onwards, or to sow maincrop varieties of turnip tops for highly nutritious spring greens in March and April.
I've noticed chickens especially like strong flavored greens like canola, mustard and turnip tops.--Edna Weigel,, Bisbee, Arizona
And there are places to put your grass cuttings and your turnip tops.
Livestock graze turnip tops and roots readily, and the forage is of high quality.
Of the unfamiliar items, I especially enjoyed something called water kim chee, which featured turnip tops in a diluted pickling sauce.
Turnip tops are nippy; use tender shoots sparingly in salads.
and cattle love the turnip tops. When the turnips decompose into the earth, it's a huge boost for the soil as well, a natural fertilizer.
Amongst the vegetables, turnip tops, mustard green and gram leaves are richest in vitamin C.