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time need to prepare a vessel or ship for a return trip


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com is now serving its customers faster than before with the introduction of four-hour turnaround times on documents under 1250 words.
Auto Business News-March 19, 2015--Volvo Trucks decreases manufacturing tool turnaround times
The port's container terminal, which is operated by Abu Dhabi Ports Company's (ADPC) subsidiary Abu Dhabi Terminals (ADT), started off with a truck turnaround time of around 40 minutes at the beginning of commercial operations in September 2012.
Khalifa Port's container terminal which is operated by Abu Dhabi Ports Company's, or ADPC, subsidiary Abu Dhabi Terminals, or ADT, started off with a truck turnaround time of around 40 minutes at the beginning of commercial operations in September 2012.
The bank is targeting a 40 percent reduction in turnaround time by automating over 150 processes that were previously manual or semi automated.
Mr Neelsen said several steps have also been taken to ensure the average turnaround time for trucks is reduced by a maximum of 30 minutes.
While most companies have in place reporting systems to track the volumes and turnaround times, at least at a macro level, of most key transactions, for purposes of backlog reductions, the level of detail is in all likelihood significantly higher than what is in place.
Our new online submission and review procedures are helping us streamline the review process, shorten turnaround times, and improve the quality of the articles we publish.
This Q-Probes study examined nongynecologic cytology turnaround time and laboratory practices and specimen characteristics potentially associated with turnaround time performance.
Validates actual repair success and turnaround time (TAT)
com's immediate success has necessitated a quick turnaround time for the project.
We wanted to determine the effects of point-of-care blood separation on turnaround time.
The challenge to administrators, therefore, was to design a system that would eliminate the constant backlog, decrease turnaround time, increase individual productivity, and maintain high analytical standards for accuracy and precision.
The project ultimately focused on the IDR system used in the IRS's examination of NTI's tax returns, with a view toward reducing the IDR turnaround time and thereby decreasing the burden of the examination for both NTI and the IRS.
Turnaround time declines significantly for services that are decentralized and brought to the floor.