turn up

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  • verb

Synonyms for turn up

appear or become visible

discover the location of

be shown or be found to be

Related Words

find by digging in the ground

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Whether it's turn ups or cuffs, carrot or twisted leg, it seems this returning former favourite is here to stay.
But she lived a life even duller than that on offer in Hebburn, where the high points were Danny Pope's fish and chip shop, Whip-it-Quick the barber, the dance at the Ambulance Hall where everyone wore bronze jeans with big turn ups, and playing on the local factory's unfenced toxic chemical tip.
When he left his address he was wearing black jeans with the word "Scarface" on the turn ups and back pocket.
He should avoid double breasted jackets and turn ups on his pants.
99; SLEEK: satin drainpipe trousers with turn ups pounds 45 and denim tailcoat pounds 75 from Dorothy Perkins (above) and Allders Anagram's black hook & eye jacket pounds 65 and trousers pounds 40