turn up

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  • verb

Synonyms for turn up

appear or become visible

discover the location of

be shown or be found to be

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find by digging in the ground

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99; SLEEK: satin drainpipe trousers with turn ups pounds 45 and denim tailcoat pounds 75 from Dorothy Perkins (above) and Allders Anagram's black hook & eye jacket pounds 65 and trousers pounds 40
LEFT: Pink slim-cut hipsters with turn ups, pounds 39.
This in turn ups the amount of information the bats get from echoes bouncing from objects in the bats' vicinity.
China's growth will continue to generate demand for information technology and power infrastructure related equipment and in turn UPS systems," said Jason dePreaux, senior analyst, Power and Energy Group, IMS Research.
The end of the war also brought frustration for fans of fashion after years of Utility clothing ( simple garments which did not waste cloth on extras like trouser turn ups.