turn tail

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A frightened animal may draw its tail between its legs, or it may turn tail and run.
01MR J Ashurst, of Liverpool described a British Falklands victory: "They had smothered their coal with thick black oil which caused a cloud of dense smoke through which the Inflexible, Invincible and Kent dashed through and were on the enemy before they could turn tail.
Maybe the Russian stooges who have declared an "independent republic" in eastern Ukraine will turn tail when they face real soldiers.
Custer was ambushed as the survey party worked, Sitting Bull was in turn attacked by the troops, and Custer and his men had to turn tail and repair to Bismark.
Wright said lions don't even take them on and she once saw a herd of elephants turn tail and flee an encounter with honey badgers, which have powerful jaws and sharp claws.
org/wiki/Wolf_attacks_on_humans) occasionally attack people 6 especially if they're starving, habituated to humans, or rabid 6 but despite their fierce portrayal in fairy tales and Liam Neeson movies, wolves actually are more likely to turn tail if they see a person.
It is when the temptation to be greedy becomes near irresistible that we shall turn tail and swim away from equities and that should be a long way away yet.
Opener Everything Falls Into Place sounded a bit like The Fall's version of Victoria and Turn Tail was unexpectedly lovely.
Even so, tonight's highlights were undoubtedly the established refrain of the fantastic Turn Tail and resolute closing number The Decision.
SCIENTISTS have been studying the backsides of Bewick's swans as they turn tail for their breeding grounds, to learn more about why their numbers are falling.