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a blinking light on a motor vehicle that indicates the direction in which the vehicle is about to turn

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The automaker said, 'A vehicle continuously driven with the turn signal 'on' may result in confusion to other drivers and potential obstruction of traffic.
A turn signal is an extremely important component which alerts nearby drivers of potential lane changing movements from the offending car.
VSM is a supplier of heavy duty turn signal switches, lighting products and safety components to both Original Equipment Manufacturers and aftermarket customers in the heavy duty and slow moving vehicle marketplaces.
A car pulled in front of us from the right lane but its turn signal stayed on after it changed lanes.
Connect the 12V input wire on the left turn LED strip to Vout on the relay used for switching the left turn signal.
My husband insists that he does NOT have to use turn signals if he is in a designated turn lane.
Police issue citations for driving with a broken tail light or a faulty turn signal to ensure that vehicles are properly equipped to operate safely.
The new model offers a decent stack of standard equipment including colour sat-nav with Bluetooth, USB port, unique design alloy wheels, electric folding door mirrors with built in turn signal lamps, rear privacy glass and a new seat fabric design.
Once known as a turn signal or blinker switch, this lever now also controls headlights, high beams, emergency flashers, wipers and washers.
Fortunately, older model FMTV trucks with mechanical-type light switches and incandescent turn signal light bulbs are not affected.
A new national survey reveals that 57% of American drivers admit they don't use their turn signal when changing lanes, but what is most startling are the excuses drivers gave.
For example, the front lamps on the Iosis have an inner, circular turning LED for low beam with a vertical day time running light, separating it from the turn signal on the outer edge and beneath all of that are ten main beam LEDs, emerging when lit from tubes like a series of lasers.
He adds that a shortcoming of routing software in general is that it often does not take into account "safe left turns," for which truckers would have to know whether the stop light has a left turn signal.
For example, we couldn't get the retractable rear window to go up or down, despite pushing the designated button on my door, and we couldn't get the turn signal indicators to lock into place, leading to left-right-left arrows that drove me batty.
Osram Sylvania has launched the SilverStar line of automotive lighting, iridescent amber park and turn signal lamps.