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He said : "We are proud to unveil the Turn Back Crime aircraft livery, which serves as a symbol of our commitment towards improving passenger safety and security together with Interpol.
Turn back time: Don't add sugar to tea and coffee, go for unsweetened, wholegrain cereals over sugar-coated varieties and switch to natural sweeteners made from plant extracts, like Stevia.
Turn Back The Clock is a quirky comic review featuring songs of the 1940s
The pilot of the Airbus plane, carrying 380 passengers, decided to turn back shortly after take-off.
said Lebanon still faces what it described as foreign-backed groups seeking to turn back the clock, adding that the Syrian crisis risks destabilizing the country.
Challenge: Shopkeeper Andrew Sharp in Turn Back Time - The High Street.
I agree with the vast majority of what Rich says but there is one item with which I take issue: flight instructors teaching students to turn back to the airport with an engine failure shortly after takeoff.
Having completed the outwork with a tricky first outrun and a difficult draw on the turn back and second outrun, little problem was found with the drives but competitors had their work cut out in the shedding ring and at the pen.
A jet carrying holidaymakers back to South Wales from Spain was forced to turn back after it developed engine trouble.
Last month, two of the RAF's new Typhoon Eurofighter jets were used to intercept and turn back a single "Bear" over the north Atlantic, and in July two Russian aircraft were warned off by RAF jets as they headed towards UK airspace.
SANTA CLARITA -- The local homeless shelter will have to turn back families with children unless it raises more money to pay for motel rooms, shelter operators said Monday.
The burly Irishman's latest TV venture sees him inviting celebrity guests to join him on his new chat show Turn Back Time.
On Sunday (9 October) a Helios Airways flight travelling from Cyprus to Glasgow, UK, was forced to turn back after experiencing technical problems.
If it's not done soon, there will be no turning back, and nothing to turn back to
Such grace and mercy are offered here, as God promises to restore a nation that has turned away from God, if only they will repent and turn back to God.