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The Turn Back Crime campaign seeks to promote a stronger dynamic between law enforcement, the public and the private sector in a joint effort to fight crime and terrorism for a safer world.
In a statement, Malaysia Airlines assured passengers, "The defect did not have any impact on the safety of the aircraft or passengers, however as a precautionary measure, the operating captain decided to turn back.
The captain decided to turn back to Subang and the aircraft landed safely without any further incident and no one was hurt," it said.
Hidden Pearl Productions' Turn Back the Clock is a quirky, comic revue featuring some of the more delicate and poignant songs and monologues of the 1940s English actress and comedienne Joyce Grenfall - one of the great female entertainers of the 20th century.
Kenya Airways would like to inform its passengers, customers, investors and the public that its flight KQ320/1st January 2013 from Khartoum to Cairo made an air turn back and landed safely at the same airport at 2136 hrs local time due to an Engine Malfunction," said Titus Naikuni the CEO of Kenya Airways.
Dubai: A Dubai-bound Emirates flight from Sydney had to turn back shortly after take-off on Sunday night due to engine trouble, the carrier said on Monday, with passengers hearing a loud bang and seeing a flash of orange.
TURN BACK TIME - THE FAMILY BBC1, 9pm Let''s go on a journey back in time to 2010.
Turn Back Time: The Family (BBC One, Tuesday, 9pm) hand* Let's go on a journey back in time to those misty, halcyon days of 2010.
said Lebanon still faces what it described as foreign-backed groups seeking to turn back the clock.
Saudi motorists travelling to Bahrain via the causeway were earlier reportedly to be asked to turn back for their own safety.
Turn Back Time - The High Street (BBC One, 9pm) WHAT would you get if you went down to your local greengrocer and ordered a cross between Victorian Farm and Mary, Queen of Shops?
The parents said that they have no need of electricity at the cost of miseries of our children so the government should turn back the clock as soon as possible.
Having completed the outwork with a tricky first outrun and a difficult draw on the turn back and second outrun, little problem was found with the drives but competitors had their work cut out in the shedding ring and at the pen.
A jet carrying holidaymakers back to South Wales from Spain was forced to turn back after it developed engine trouble.