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Synonyms for turmoil

Synonyms for turmoil

an interruption of regular procedure or of public peace

a state of uneasiness and usually resentment brewing to an eventual explosion

Synonyms for turmoil

violent agitation


Related Words

disturbance usually in protest

References in classic literature ?
But here was none of all that turmoil of the world at large, where he did not know his right place and took mistaken decisions; here was no Sonya with whom he ought, or ought not, to have an explanation; here was no possibility of going there or not going there; here there were not twenty-four hours in the day which could be spent in such a variety of ways; there was not that innumerable crowd of people of whom not one was nearer to him or farther from him than another; there were none of those uncertain and undefined money relations with his father, and nothing to recall that terrible loss to Dolokhov.
The gray house at Orchard Slope was in a turmoil of baking and brewing and boiling and stewing, for there was to be a big, old-timey wedding.
They hesitated to advance; but, as the noise did no harm, they entered through the whitewashed wall and quickly discovered the cause of the turmoil.
Summary: Islamabad [Pakistan], Jan 20 (ANI): Ouster of former Pakistan prime minister Nawaz Sharif has triggered a political turmoil and instability in the country, says Human Rights Watch.
Saying he thrives in turmoil, President Duterte said on Tuesday he was preparing government troops to 'buy rubber bullets' and get ready with their truncheons should transport leaders reject the jeepney modernization program.
At the same time, the director of the Arab League, Ahmed Abul Gheit, warned Arabs that Iran and Israel were the main beneficiaries of the turmoil that has engulfed much of the Arab world since 2011.
Global Banking News-June 6, 2016--ECB official says bank would act to counter turmoil from Brexit
WASHINGTON (CyHAN)- Former Federal Bureau of Investigation agent and whistleblower Coleen Rowley claims that the turmoil caused by the Arab Spring in the Middle East may be used by US intelligence agencies as a handy distraction to point blame away from the War on Terror.
According to UN figures, at least 10,000 children have been killed in the turmoil but the real number is probably higher.
Washington - The head of the International Monetary Fund on Monday called for greater collaboration among the world's central banks, citing the threat of turmoil spreading through the global financial system.
NNA - MP Michel Aoun said the security turmoil occurring from time to time in Lebanon has nothing to do with Hezbollah's involvement in the Syrian crisis, as even before such involvement such turmoil had been witnessed, according to Aoun.
It is certainly not turmoil, it is the ups and downs of the game.
Summary: A leading banker predicted Thursday a further drop in the profits of Lebanese banks in 2013, warning that investment could also plunge due to the standoff over the elections and turmoil in Syria.
The UK's new "green" bank has been launched with a pledge that it will turn a profit and attract private investment despite turmoil in international markets.
When she is called out to treat a dog that may have to be put down, she discovers the owner is an old friend from her university days, only adding to her emotional turmoil.