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Synonyms for turmoil

Synonyms for turmoil

an interruption of regular procedure or of public peace

a state of uneasiness and usually resentment brewing to an eventual explosion

Synonyms for turmoil

violent agitation


Related Words

disturbance usually in protest

References in classic literature ?
Here, however, all is turmoil and shouting and clatter.
But here was none of all that turmoil of the world at large, where he did not know his right place and took mistaken decisions; here was no Sonya with whom he ought, or ought not, to have an explanation; here was no possibility of going there or not going there; here there were not twenty-four hours in the day which could be spent in such a variety of ways; there was not that innumerable crowd of people of whom not one was nearer to him or farther from him than another; there were none of those uncertain and undefined money relations with his father, and nothing to recall that terrible loss to Dolokhov.
The gray house at Orchard Slope was in a turmoil of baking and brewing and boiling and stewing, for there was to be a big, old-timey wedding.
They hesitated to advance; but, as the noise did no harm, they entered through the whitewashed wall and quickly discovered the cause of the turmoil. Inside were suspended many sheets of tin or thin iron, and against these metal sheets a row of donkeys were pounding their heels with vicious kicks.
I, too, was afraid, and what of my discovery of how much she meant to me my mind was in a turmoil; but, I succeeded in answering quite calmly:
Summary: Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], July 7 (ANI): Amid allegations by the Congress party that BJP is behind the political turmoil that has engulfed the state, it has emerged that state unit of the BJP has booked 30 rooms for two days in Ramada Hotel on Doddaballapur Road here for its MLAs.
QUETTA -- Provincial Spokesman Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Babar Yousafzai has vowed to end electricity turmoil in Balochistan added PTI has been informed QESCO officials regarding problems of masses due to unannounced load shedding.
Obsession's new Turmoil RZ was designed to rattle the standard of value-oriented compound bows, resulting in a working man's bow with performance well beyond the price.
THE Specials' frontman Terry Hall says the band is still relevant today because "the country is in turmoil".
Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said market turmoil in the U.S.
IF GAMING helps you escape the stresses and strains of everyday life, then no other title has helped me achieve a zen like state as quickly as Turmoil.
TURMOIL: THE HEAT IS ON PC HHHH H IF GAMING helps you escape the stresses and strains of everyday life, then no other title has helped me achieve a zen like state as quickly as Turmoil.
Try your luck at the card table Turmoil: The Heat Is On takes you back to 1899 where you try to make as much money as you can by drilling for oil
Set in 1899, Turmoil is a delightful simulator that sees you working your way through procedurally generated levels to make as much money as you can.
With a timescale set for each TURMOIL: THE HEAT IS ON PC HHHH H expedition, it's easy to make and lose a fair bit of cash in a short space of time.