turbulent flow

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flow in which the velocity at any point varies erratically

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3) At Reynolds number 1190, the dye trace shows the start of transition to turbulent flow but there remains a sheath of laminar flow around the turbulent center.
To solve for turbulent flow without closely associated defferent dynamical mechanics, a probability density function method is adopted to describe the pulsating intensity of velocity of fluid particles in this study.
Also, VA flow meters are unaffected by such phenomena as turbulent flow conditions, which will create inaccurate or no-flow readings in a velocity type of flow meter.
studied numerically the flow and heat transfer behaviors of Al2O3 -water nanofluid at various nanoparticle volume concentrations in a circular tube under turbulent flow regime.
Furthermore, the results show that a quasi-steady analysis under predicts forces occurring under turbulent flow conditions.
The break point from laminar flow to turbulent flow is a phenomenon that initiates at the boundary layer, where viscous forces have a much greater impact.
In order to examine turbulent flow fluctuations inside the flow domain, the TKE, normalized by the square of the average duct velocity, is plotted along the duct axis in Figures 3 and 4, for each entrance case.
During turbulent flow, the baffles enhance the random motion of molecules and formation of eddies.
It might be caused by the high turbulent flow entering into the chamber and slow combustion occurred.
From this background, we have developed a LES of a fully-developed turbulent flow laden with solid particles in a vertical channel and additionally, we have extended the study to a vertical pipe with the same Karman number (or Reynolds number based in friction velocity, Ret).
Where temperature control technology is traditionally used alongside the process machine to deliver high turbulent flow throughout the mould for more uniform and precise cooling, more and more mouldmakers have begun to use the technology to their advantage when designing and building moulds.
Turbulent flow is needed to produce a homogenous mixture between the water stream and the chemicals added.
The highly turbulent flow helps reduce fouling and makes cleaning-in-place procedures more effective.
Scientists hypothesized that dolphins somehow reduce drag by creating smooth, laminar flow in water rushing by their skin instead of the usual turbulent flow.
The smooth element geometry results in efficient mixing of miscible fluids in laminar or turbulent flow and dispersion of immiscible fluids or gases while producing a very low pressure drop.