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large brightly crested bird of Africa

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figure By RUPI MANGAT It's a split-second flight, and l miss the brilliant scarlet of the Great Blue Turaco that wears the tag only found in Kakamega Rainforest'.But I find solace in hearing that these stunning birds are still around.
I'm reminded that Africa is the only continent that is home to this bright and brilliant bird.Dale Zimmerman, the eminent naturalist and lead author of Birds of Kenya and Northern Tanzania now in his 90s has authored his latest book titled Turaco Country simply because his first posting as a young man to Africa was to Kakamega Rainforest in the 1960s.
? We've got baby news in our birds section where a red-crested turaco chick has hatched.
A recently acquired 90-d-o Livingstone's turaco had its head and viscera eaten by a young opossum that entered the cage through the slot (4x2cm) of the sliding door latch.
Nutritional determinants of diet in three turacos in a tropical montane forest.
Mousebirds; Turacos; Old World Cuckoos; Coucals; New World Cuckoos; Hoatzin; Anis; Ground Cuckoos; Barn Owls; Owls; Oilbird; Frogmouths Podardidae.
Nicola added: "Violet Turacos have a glossy violet plumage with a thick orange bill, yellow forehead and crimson crown.
Dudley zoo's first Violet Turaco chick is growing quickly and is starting to show its distinctive colouration.
Five roul rouls hatched in an incubator, while two turacos were successfully reared by their parents in the triple aviaries.
We've not kept red-crested turacos before, so we're delighted that they have successfully bred and raised their chicks, who are showcasing red crests and growing rapidly."
And then there was a clamor and thrashing from the canopy and into my binocular sights came a stonking great Lady Ross' Violet Plaintain-eater now known as Ross's Turaco (I prefer the former).