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a former United Kingdom silver coin


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Tuppence does not take kindly to being left out, and begins her own investigation.
Tuppence does not take kindly being left out, and begins her investigation.
But while Tommy worried over serving dessert spoons with soup at supper in their perfect period house with beautiful soft furnishings, Tuppence was already using all her Girl Guide skills to pick locks with hairpins and generally save the country from the evils of the Soviet Bloc.
A lot of viewers will recognise the situation of the woman being in charge; Tuppence is definitely running the show.
It's the beginning of a series of adventures which Tuppence throws herself into with a gusto that can shock her husband.
One question though, am I only worth tuppence, at least half a crown or even a fiver?
Cue the inevitable taste comparison and a queue of chefs waiting to add their tuppence worth to the debate.
95) receives James Warwick's smooth and dramatic style as it presents a Tommy & Tuppence mystery revolving around the two's involvement in an international detective agency.
What the film crew] thinks doesn't matter tuppence to me.
95) receives Alex Jennings' experienced and powerful rendition as it presents a Tommy and Tuppence mystery in their second crime caper revolving around the two school chums who become involved in international intrigue--and romance.
Along with Men of Worth, bands on the daily schedule include Alex Beaton, Tempest and Tuppence - as well as sheep-herding demonstrations.
By a runner, stolen bases, and blocked shots, Its acrobatic abandon an entree To the main course of its fetish for giving An audience its tuppence worth of negro, There he is, not folding his asbestos nutshell, Or laying it under his mattress again;
One time, we were unloading the car when I saw Tuppence up the street.
In 1986, Nick and his wife took it upon themselves to hand rear a onemonth-old chimpanzee called Tuppence when her mother rejected her from birth at Chester Zoo.
DAVID Walliams and Call The Midwives' Jessica Raine played crime-solving couple Tommy and Tuppence Beresford in Agatha Christie's Partners In Crime on BBC1.