tunnel vision

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visual impairment involving a loss of peripheral vision

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Prototypes of the Tunnel Vision have been developed by the inventor and utilized with success.
You can't will away the effects of tunnel vision, but you can mitigate them by scanning.
A Tunnel vision is both a compliment and a criticism; the skill is in combining the two.
Tunnel vision seldom serves and frequently undermines the common good.
Ms Henry said Fierce wanted to build on the success of its 10th birthday festival Fierce Ten, which saw events such as Tunnel Vision - a sound and lighting installation by Luke Jerram and Dan Jones in the 500 m disused Royal Mail tunnel connecting the former mail sorting office at The Mailbox to New Street Station.
To be a male teacher today you need fortitude, tunnel vision and both hands tied behind your back.
Save a Life Tour" simulates this tunnel vision to give a startling wake-up of how impaired a driver can become while under the influence.
If an interior arranger came into my house, they would change it totally different from what I know because we all have tunnel vision when it comes to our stuff.
Key data points like speed, RPM, and gear selection are projected onto the windshield so that when your foot pushes down on the accelerator and tunnel vision sets in--trust me, this really happens--you don't need to look down at the dash.
In an era when hospital error kills more people than any form of cancer (except lung cancer), when you are five times ore likely to be injured in a hospital than when driving your car, when insurance companies think your life is worth less if you are hurt by a doctor than if you are hurt by a drunk driver, and when insurance companies have taken over the practice of medicine and are now in the active process of taking over the justice system, it's only men and women like Michael Watson and books like America's Tunnel Vision that can hope to awaken the general public to what is going on and to motivate them to corrective action.
Like the Garden of Exile at Daniel Libeskind's Jewish Museum, every corner in the maze is a blind one; yet Eisenman's massive grid adds tunnel vision.
Micky does have tunnel vision when it comes to certain things in her life, but through this storytelling device, the reader has a better understanding of her motivation, her rationale for acting the way she does, even when it is detrimental to her or those around her.
Writing with tunnel vision can lead you off course:
Although steeped in a rich quality tradition and nationally recognized for excellence in clinical quality, our organization realized that a tunnel vision focus on quality is not sufficient to achieve the gold standard.
We all have a certain tunnel vision in our views: For the well-read, it is easy to assume that everyone has the time, interest, access, and understanding to counterbalance the bias of any one news source.