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(music) calibrating something (an instrument or electronic circuit) to a standard frequency

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To analyse the global automotive performance tuning and engine remapping services market trends and opportunities for tuning service providers, the market has been segmented on the basis of vehicle type, fuel type, tuning stage, tuning method, application, and region.
The theoretical framework used to analyze The ALFA Tuning Latin America Project was based on the policy cycle and the socioeconomic context of the capitalist mode of production, based mainly on the following authors: Bowe and Ball (1992) and Harvey (2013).
Caption: Paper tuning, especially with a bare shaft, will help you determine if you have the proper bow setup for ultimate accuracy.
Certainly, perfection in tuning is nearly impossible.
Thereby a few patents for automated organ tuning were found belonging to the German organ builder Voigt ([1], [2] and [3]).
Institutional task tuning involves reducing lighting in spaces with multiple occupants temporarily using group controls or on a permanent or semi-permanent basis using other methods.
The first few chapters are dedicated to tuning in general and its historical development.
Tuning your IVR is important for directed dialog, but it's especially critical for natural language applications.
"After that its a matter of fine tuning but that still takes a bit of time so we arrive early.
* Open Tunings for Folk Guitar, with CD, by Cal Williams Jr.
Since the traditional tuning skill of a human operator is mainly built up by years of tuning experience, the tuning process becomes very labor intensive and expensive, particularly for high-order filters with multiple cross-couplings.
At the 2012 NAB Show to be held in Las Vegas, Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), the global wireless and broadcast infrastructure specialist, showcased revolutionary new software that enables complete filter tuning with no manual intervention and panel array antennas that cut wind load in half.
Next come indexes of tunes by final, by tuning (scordaturas abound--usually raising the pitch of the lowest one or two strings to add resonance and facilitate double stops in a given mode--but transcription remains in concert pitch), and by the name of the performer.
This article is an extended abstract of a doctoral dissertation on chess evaluation function tuning with differential evolution (DE) algorithm.