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(music) calibrating something (an instrument or electronic circuit) to a standard frequency

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Certainly, perfection in tuning is nearly impossible.
We are proud that Intel selected Peregrine's unique tuning technology as the multidimensional antenna-tuning solution for this latest LTE platform," said Jim Cable, Chief Executive Officer of Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation.
Adaptive control algorithms can improve tuning in virtually any process because the user no longer needs to be a tuning expert, nor do they need to call one in.
Further, he barely addresses what effect alternative tuning practices have on the interaction of melody and harmony, which is at the heart of higher-level musicianship.
The sources from this period use the "new" d-minor tuning as well as the transitional tunings developed by the French lutenists, although the pieces in the "old" tuning were still in circulation.
This tuning is achieved by perturbing the field distribution surrounding the DR through the movement of metallic or dielectric objects (either manually or electrically) by using, for example, a step motor.
AQM Solutions (a TRILOGexpert company), is the application quality and performance management company that provides automated performance tuning and resource optimization to Fortune 1000 companies.
5 for TriTune automates over 90 percent of the AQM process, it makes performance tuning initiatives more productive by reducing analysis time and focusing analyst efforts on applications with the greatest tuning potential.
These advantages will allow our next-generation tunable wireless products to replace conventional, fixed-frequency RF circuits and provide high reliability, low insertion loss, and wide tuning ranges.
1] To download the paper "Cell BE Porting and Tuning with RapidMind" go to http://www.
The growing popularity of the ASP model in the mindsets of IT and business line managers is helping drive strong investment in hosted speech solutions which in turn has led to more spending on hosted speech application development and tuning.
The tighter integration of control design software with Simulink helps engineers reduce the need for trial-and-error design and greatly simplifies the analysis and tuning of multi-loop systems," said Paul Barnard, marketing director, control design at The MathWorks.
The process can take months of tuning to complete before the products deliver actionable information that is of strategic value to the business.
TriTune has been specifically designed to seamlessly integrate into the Automated Application Quality Management Package, creating the most advanced software technology for measuring, analyzing and tuning mainframe applications.
a TRILOGexpert company that provides automated application performance tuning and resource optimization to Fortune 1000 companies, is expanding its U.