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an enveloping or covering membrane or layer of body tissue

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On histopathological examination, it was observed that the congestion in the gastric mucosa of the fundus and intensive eosinophilia in the tunica propria were markedly regressed (Figure 2).
In view of lipid store mobilization for reproductive purposes, the higher adiposity index during the fall might support events such as spermatogenesis, as suggested by the higher percentage of tubular diameter during fall and winter compared to the other seasons, whereas the lumen percentage was higher in fall, winter and spring, which was accompanied to the percentage of tunica propria.
In tubular compartment were measured the tunica propria, the seminiferous epithelium and the lumen; while in the intertubular compartment were analyzed Leydig cells, blood and lymph vessels, mast cells and other components such as cells and fibers of connective tissue.
Finishing the analysis of the seminiferous tubules, we observed that the tunica propria, as well as the lumen, were significantly increased in the groups that received nandrolone.
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